The Lab


The Instrument rooms are well-equipped: LC-MS with PDA, multiwell plate reader (Abs, fluo, polar. fluo, FRET, BRET, lum. modes, laser for AlphaScreen), freeze-dryer, semi-micro balance, UV-ozone cleaner, DSC, TGA, ATR-IR, AFM, fluorimeter, UV-Vis-NIR, PCR, thermoshaker, pHmeter, UV-PhotoDoc, electrophoresis apparatus, etc. We also have access to University facilities which include: ESI-MS, 400 and 500 MHz NMR, SEM, TEM, rheometer. It is also possible to access the state-of-the-art facilities available at the Elettra synchrotron, which is nearby (10 minutes drive). Here are some images of our recently purchased equipment.
  1. Agilent HPLC-MS
    Agilent HPLC-MS
  2. UV-Ozone Procleaner Plus
    UV-Ozone Procleaner Plus
  3. Semi-micro balance
    Semi-micro balance
  4. Freeze- dryer
    Freeze- dryer
  5. Tecan Infinite M1000
    Tecan Infinite M1000
  6. J-815 with Peltier
    J-815 with Peltier
In the background photo: The Temple of San Spiridione in Trieste